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Filipino Martial Arts class
Our Filipino Martial Arts class is a blend of  arts from: Modern Arnis, Pekiti Tirsia, Doce Pares, Inosanto/LaCoste and Lameco Escrima. Our classes include training in: Edged weapons, Panatukan-Filipino boxing, Dumog (grappling), single stick, double stick, staff and espada y daga.  Student requirements: Academy T-shirt,rattan training stick (2),boxing gloves, mouthpiece and groin protection.
 Academy classes
 All classes are one hour in length. Each class description will also advise the student on what training gear and attire is required for each individual class. Students are responsible for their own equipment needs. Our Academy has a flat monthly fee for students to participate in all classes for only $95.00. 

Muay Thai Kickboxing class
This class teaches the fighting techniques from the Thailand martial art of Muay Thai(Thai Boxing). Muay Thai is know for its straight forward, no nonsense style of combat. Techniques include,boxing, leg kicks, knee/elbow stikes,cliching and throwing. Pad work, circuit training, sparring and physical conditioning is the name of game in this class. Student requirements: Academy T-shirt, shorts, mouthpiece, groin protection, boxing gloves, shin protector.  

Jun Fan Gung Fu /Jeet Kune Do class
This class covers the Late Bruce Lee's curriculum used to develop his art of personal expression: Jeet Kune Do (Way of the intercepting fist). He believed that all fights will fit into one or more ranges of combat: Kicking, Punching, Trapping or Grappling. By learning various  concepts and techniques from specific martial arts such as : Wing Chun gung fu, Western boxing, Fencing, Savate,Kali,Silat,Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu, he found several similar concepts and techniques that help a student to "fit in" with an opponet in the street. Jun Fan is a self-defene system and is not used for sport purporses. Student requierments: Academy T-shirt,mouth piece,groin protection,shin protection, boxing gloves and MMA gloves(for trapping). 

Monthly Training Schedule  2019:

Monday- Filipino Martial Arts class: 5pm to 6pm
                 Jun Fan Gung fu class: 6pm to 7pm
                 Muay Thai kickboxing class: 7pm to 8pm

Tuesday- Filipino Martial Arts class: 5pm to 6pm
                  Jun Fan Gung fu class: 6pm to 7pm
                  Muay Thai kickboxing class: 7pm to 8pm

Wednesday- Filipino  Martial Arts class: 5pm to 6pm
                        Jun Fan Gung fu class: 6pm to 7pm
                        Muay Thai kickboxing class: 7pm to 8pm

Thursday- Filipino Martial Arts class: 5pm to 6pm
                    Jun Fan Gung fu class: 6pm to 7pm 
​                    Muay Thai kickboxing class: 7pm to 8pm

Friday- Instructors only class: 5pm to 8pm

Saturday-  closed
Sunday- closed

Academy monthly dues: $95.00

Academy address: 1674 N. Country Club Rd.

For more information contact:

Dayton Larsh